2012 Copperstate Fly-In Documentary

POSTED IN Featured Articles / October 28th, 2012

PART ONE “Click Photo Above to Play Video”

This is part one of our multi part Internet documentary on the 2012 Copperstate Fly-In held Oct. 24-27 at the Casa Grande Airport in Casa Grande, Arizona.  The video is hosted by Steve Kates who is a national radio & TV personality.  You may know Steve as “Dr. Sky” who is on radio shows like Coast to Coast and currently has his own radio show in Phoenix, Arizona.  The documentary gives you an up close look at the aircraft, pilots and volunteers that make the Copperstate Fly-In the fourth largest fly-in in the southwestern United States.  Don’t miss the beautifully shot air to air footage shot over the massive Arizona desert during the event. 

PART TWO “Click Photo Above to Play Video”

Part two in our video series of the 2012 Copperstate Fly-In.  In part two Dr. Sky visits with the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force.  We also talk to the owner of a very rare BT-13A Vultee Valient. 

PART THREE “Click Photo Above to Play Video”

Part three of our 2012 Copperstate Fly-In documentary has an interview with Dan Lance who owns a very unique aircraft for someone who lives in Arizona.  Also in part three is our in depth tour of the U.S. Army’s Apache Longbow attack helicopter, you don’t want to miss this folks.

PART FOUR “Click Photo Above to Play Video”

Our last installment in the 2012 Copperstate Fly-In documentary.  We wrap things up with an interview with the man that controls air operations at the Copperstate Fly-In and you will see up close a rare aircraft from right after WWII that was only made for two years before the company went out of business, can you guess what aircraft it is?  Watch the video and find out.
We at AIRSHOWVID.COM would like to thank the staff of the Copperstate Fly-In for all their support during our planning phase and stay at Casa Grande, Arizona.  The Copperstate volunteers are a class act each and every one of them, the best organization we have had the pleasure to deal with so far.  Also we would like to thank Steve Kates “Dr. Sky” for joining us and hosting our Copperstate documentary. 


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  • John Mitton

    Guys, I can’t express just how much I am looking forward to this show. In the winter of 2001-2002, I stayed at the campground beside the Casa Grande airpark. I knew nothing of it when I made my booking. The joy of finding a fly-in next door was supreme. This is bringing back some very fond memories. Thank you so much.

  • George McElroy

    I enjoyed the presentations of the restored planes like the Vultee and the Beech Twin. It reminded me of the “oldies” car shows where the owners had the original car manuals and optional accessories. I learned a lot about the Apache helicopter. The sergeant gave a great presentation. I liked that gun mounted in front. And, I saw there was a gyrocopter at the show. I think they are cool. Had a neat canopy for the two passengers. Thank you AirShowVid for extending the knowledge of airplane history, and also great entertainment.

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